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Hello! Introducing the 'smart work' change agency...

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

From small beginnings: Julia, Philip and Audrey
"Yes, we're excited! For us at Smartworks, 2019 opens the door on a partnership with Workfront that promises to help leaders free up their people, make ideas count and get things done..."

Beginning with the end in mind

Based in Edinburgh and active across the UK, we've launched Smartworks as a business with ambitions for growth, planning to add at least two more operational team members to our staff in the next 24 months. We'll grow to meet Workfront's regional needs, because we're confident that our mix of industrial backgrounds and almost 40 years of experience in business improvement and innovation will bring something valuable and different.

Core beliefs

From all we've seen, done and learned so far on our journey with multinationals and small-medium enterprises, there are three things that stand out:

  • Leaders have a duty to unlock the value that lies within their system of influence

  • All change is personal, no matter how it gets dressed up - so treat people with respect (change can be scary)

  • There’s a better way to work, turning ideas to account with speed and efficiency

Our approach to managing and navigating change is shaped around these principles (and a few others). So we're big on setting people up for success and making sure that the pain of change is manageable, and that the hard-won gains can be sustained.

Our special expertise

We've done a bunch of interesting things over the years. But much of our experience turns on people, the way they work, and the tools and systems they use. We know things about: continuous improvement, performance coaching, quality management, innovation and the design and delivery of transformational change across teams and departments.

In simple terms, of the many areas where we are able to bring value, a few 'jobs to be done' stand out -

  • managing innovation

  • control of organisational change

  • delivery of improved products & services

  • managing regulatory compliance

...if you have Workfront prospects or clients that are doing any of this just now, let's talk!

The world we know well

From South Africa to Scotland, we've been on both sides of the invoice: from employees of large multi-nationals on one hand, to freelance consultants on the other. We've worn a few different hats in our time, so we understand the aspirations and frustrations (and speak the language) of many of the businesses that Workfront services. With brands like De Beers, AstraZeneca, BP and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency on our CV's, we feel Smartworks is a good fit for these sectors and geographies:

  • industrial, technical & energy services

  • professional services

  • England, Scotland, France, Southern Africa

We're dynamic, creative and easy to work with. We like to get our boots on the ground and meet with prospects and clients face-to-face. And we're keen to get going, so reach out and let's help our customers 'make ideas count', together!

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